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I entered the 2A81 base. However, I was not going to be able to immediately get close to the Mechanium and the facilities I had come to inspect. First I had to pass a battery of tests to prove that I was an Assimilated, not a Pure Genes spy. The tension was at its highest since the recent events.

Several Assimilates were initiating the security exams. One was scanning me, another was informing me that he was going to connect to my mecha to check my mission history. While my evolutionary brethren were making sure I was one of them, I was looking around the base. The base had only been in operation for a few months, but it already had many facilities. The Mechanium reserves under my feet must have been important.

When the tests were over, I flew to an observation platform a few dozen meters above the ground. From here, I had an overview of part of the base. I could see the many, many Assimilates working to achieve our goals. 

MR-GL-201 could be proud. Humanity did not know it yet, but one day they would thank us for the work we were doing. 

It was time for me to accomplish my mission. I approached Zone 0 of the base, the area closest to the extraction center. As I walked towards it, I could smell something. It was not foreign to me: it was the natural smell that was spreading across the landscape from the Mechanium extraction. But it was almost suffocating to me, an Assimilated who had not yet fully completed the fusion of body and mind with my Mecha.

Here I was at the entrance to Zone 0, by far the most protected sector of the base. To enter, I had to present my Access Card.

** Find your Access Card to access the next step **