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My mission could begin. Having gained access to Zone 0, I could finally make sure that the Mechanium extraction at 2A81 was going according to plan. My mission was of the utmost importance. There was almost no Mechanium left on Earth after the MaketMekin Corp. accident.

Once again, the Pure Genes, by their inability to act intelligently, had endangered the evolution of humanity. The only solution for us Assimilated to continue to exist was to extract the Mechanium here on Mars. But this was not without risks.

Not least because the Pure Genes would do anything to get their hands on these resources, even if it meant starting a war they could not win. I would soon remember that another form of danger existed. An alarm was sounding in the area. I could see Assimilated people moving and leaving in different directions. Clouds of smoke seemed to be coming from the extraction points.

What was going on?

** Decrypt the message below to get to the next step **