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STEP 1 - Documents

We ask you to sign 2 documents to ensure that our collaboration runs smoothly. Everything is done digitally:


It is important, in case you have to make creations, use the logo or even simply send text with a colour (in a story for example) to respect our graphic charter.

By respecting it, a unified, strong and impactful message will be transmitted in every communication. An inconsistency, however small, can generate misunderstanding in the community.


Our universe is strong, built around a story. Every question you ask should be guided by the Scenario.

You must never go outside the lines of the scenario (for example, say that there is magic in Mechachain). You must know the scenario in order to guarantee its coherence to our community.


We ask you to visit the website directly to understand the whole concept.

It is important to read the RoadMap to understand the key dates of our project.

Step 5 - TOOLS

It’s perfect! All that’s left are the tools you’ll need to work with us.

We use 1password to manage passwords. Create a free account on it and then give your email address used to your referrer. This will give you the passwords you need to log in to the sites and networks you need. Don’t forget to install the 1password extension on Google Chrome!


  • If you need files or space, your referrer will be able to give you access to a file or folder via a Google Drive link.
  • To communicate with the team, you will have access to a channel on Discord.
  • To manage your tasks, your referrer will assign you missions on ClickUp or by direct exchange.
  • It is mandatory to use 2FA for each account you will use. We invite you to install Google Authenticator and use it when you connect. It will protect the project and you too.

It is our turn to thank you

On behalf of the whole team, we thank you for participating in this great adventure and making this project even more exciting!

The entire team remains at your disposal to help you have the most efficient and enjoyable working experience.

The EthernalHorizons/Mechachain team