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The message left by Division 763 indicated that the cargo was about 20 km from my position. This was my first expedition to Ullav-Sin 22.1, as I was used to stationing in other areas of Mars. I was really surprised by the desert aspect of this place. And I wondered where the previous team had hidden its cargo.

I wasn’t going to wait long to find out. My control screen told me that I was now less than a mile from what I was looking for. As I slowed down as I approached my destination, I saw what appeared to be a warehouse.

A single-storey building, several hundred yards long, loomed before me. It was a Junger 28 warehouse. I was very familiar with these structures for Mechas, which were known to be impenetrable and used to protect sensitive documents and materials from Assimilees looting.

Knowing that Division 763 had taken the time to store what they were carrying there surprised me. It must have meant that this was not a harmless shipment.

I approached the front door, while my Mecha’s sensors confirmed that what I was looking for was inside. But my mission wasn’t going to be as simple as I had planned. As with all buildings of this type, I was not going to be able to enter without an authentication code. The screen on the right of the entrance displayed a cryptogram. I was going to have to figure it out.

** Find the entrance code to the Junger 28 warehouse to get to the next step **