Sans titre-3

Become a mecha pilot and participate in the future of
your faction by fighting on your mobile

Sans titre-3

Become a mecha pilot and participate in the future of
your faction by fighting on your mobile.


Shooting game

TPS Shooting mobile game

Pilot your mecha on your smartphone and compete with players from all over the world!

NFT focus

Including NFT and crypto

Rewards on each game. Earn i-mecha and exchange it for $mecha or nft by playing every day.


A strong Lore

Will you be Pure-Gene or Assimilee? Discover a unique universe waiting for you.


Innovative crafting and
minting system

Collect resources, craft your own weapons and upgrade them to NFT.

Destroy the opposing teams
and collect $Mechanium

Choose your faction and Mecha

Equip your Mecha

A variety of weapons and modules will totally change the way you play and the outcome of battles! Equip it with NFT and non-NFT weapons and use devastating special abilities.

Fight without mercy

Annihilate the opposing team and try to collect as much Mechanium as possible in the arena! Games last an average of 5-10 minutes in 6 vs 6.

Earn Mechanium and other resources

At the end of each game, you earn resources and Mechanium that you can then use. The more you fight and help your team, the more items you get!

Upgrade your equipment and craft new weapons

With the resources and Mechanium you collect, you can upgrade your weapons or create new ones. Each weapon and module has 5 different rarity levels and can be upgraded to be even more devastating.


An accessible game
that rewards players

Thanks to our login system, there's no need to create a wallet or
know anything about crypto. Enjoy a classic gaming
experience that rewards players with $MECHA.

Discover the backstage of
the creation of Mechachain

Join the Mechapilot elite in February 2024

The mobile game will be available on the App Store and Google play.
Mechachain is a Free to play, there is no need for NFT or a crypto wallet to play.
It will be created automatically with your email address.

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