A new universe
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Year 2219

The singularity, a theoretical turning point from which the technological progress goes beyond human’s comprehension, was reached tightly by two artificial intelligences.


The rise of those two artificial intelligences and the swift technological progresses that followed led to the formation of two opposing superpowers, both putting the machine at the heart of their government and development : Hêmérê’s techno-democracy and MR-GL-201’s algocracy. The technological, social and economical performances of those new states were so tremendous that the surroundings nations and people soon joined them, effectively dividing in few years only almost all of humanity in two geopolitical blocs.

The assimilies

Algocracy of MR-GL-201

The Assimilees, transhumans merging their body and mind with MR-GL-201, carry a eugenic, Darwinian and expansionist vision of the human race, similar to a sole organism meant to spread throughout the universe. They are in a constant symbiosis with the mother intelligence and their Mechas through the mean of intrusive neural interfaces and implants, as well as hormonal and genetic treatments.

The Pure-Gene

Techno-democracy of Hêméré

The citizens of the techno-democracy of Hêmérê are called pure-genes. They are close to the current human, are under the governance and protection of Hêmérê. They aspire to a galactic empire in line with the great democracies of the past century serving the human individual. At the head of the government sits a democratically elected assembly in charge of the exploitation of Hêmérê.
The pure-gene pilots use non-intrusive symbiotic mechas in their battles, with which they synchronize via electroencephalographic helmets.

It's only the begining...